About équIT

équIT is a software design and development organisation established in 2005. We specialise in providing bespoke solutions for charities, NGOs, small/home traders and individuals at a price that lowers the barrier to entry for organisations and individuals whose budgets are better spent elsewhere.

We use open standards and open source software on the basis that these provide the most robust solutions, and liberate you from single-provider lock-in.

IT solutions should be enabling not restrictive. We never insist on use of a specific web browser for our online solutions, or on specific email or other client software. We write code that follows published standards so that you are free to make your own choices about your desktop software. (See the standards section for more details.)

We do small, large, complex, simple, interactive or static websites for clients of any size. We do Mac, Linux and Windows, and more besides. If you think we could help, contact us to find out what we might be able to do for you.

Who are we?

équIT is a sole traded company owned and run by Darren Edale. Darren is a freelance developer of applications and databases for the desktop and the web.

Despite graduating from Cardiff University with an MA in Critical Theory, Darren's borderline obsession with getting computers to do useful things led him to work as an IT analyst and programmer for IBM for several years before deciding to go freelance and specialise in the provision of web-based applications. He has a long-standing interest in and commitment to the use of open standards and open-source software as an enabler for small or financially-constrained organisations and individuals, and as an effective means of access to quality IT.

We're not all about the money. We need to get paid like everyone, but the goal of équIT is the acquisition of just enough wealth to enable our chosen lifestyles, and to do so by working in an ethical and honest fashion. This is what drives our commitment to open standards and realistic, affordable pricing. We don't upsell, we provide honest advice based on our experience of how to get the best out of IT. That doesn't mean we will never advise you to spend more money, just that we will only advise spending more money when we honestly believe it is the best way to get the IT solution most appropriate to your needs.

We are happy to discuss any project of any size.

What we do

Web apps

The skill set of the company revolves around use of proven and widely-deployed open-source software for providing web-based applications:

équIT has the skills to analyse your requirements, design a database that meets your data capture and retrieval needs, design and implement a PHP application to provide a web-based user-interface to your data, and to administer the server on which your application is hosted. We can provide hosting on our own server for your application, or can install and remotely administer an application on your own servers (via a secure, encrypted connection).

Web standards and best practice

All the sites developed by équIT follow standards established by w3c, the non-profit organisation that looks after the web. All our sites are HTML5 compliant, using CSS3. This means that the sites should work correctly on the widest range of modern browsers. Because we follow the standards all our sites carry the w3c valid HTML 5 logo (see the page footer).


Here are some descriptions of some of our projects. Click on the images to enlarge them.

Anthropological Index Online (AIO)

AIO search results

The Royal Anthropological Institute (RAI) runs a website that aids anthropologists' research. It has a team of academics who index articles from various journals in the field, making the results available to researchers online. The AIO site is effectively a search engine that points researchers in the direction of articles that may be of interest to them.

The online index suffered serious problems in 2012 and was unavailable for several months, at a time when the only person with knowledge of the system was also unavailable. In 2014 the RAI contacted Darren to help resurrect the system. It quickly became apparent that the system's problems were extensive, and that actually a ground-up rewrite using modern tools and technologies was the best solution.

The database of 500,000 articles and 3.25 million related keywords had to be fully reconstructed from the original Refer-format text files dating back several decades. The AIO was rewritten using modern PHP with a MySQL database. The application is modular with an extensible plugin architecture based on équIT's in-house rapid development framework. The application provides end-user search facilities, including the ability to download or email search results in a variety of academic formats (e.g. for import into EndNote) as well as human-readable formats (e.g. HTML, PDF). It also provides the RAI's team of academics with a secure back-office interface enabling them to upload the details of new articles to the database as indexing progresses.

As well as development, the RAI needed ongoing maintenance of their new solution to avoid repeating the issues of the past. So a significant part of the solution for the new AIO is backup and maintenance, along with full system documentation, which ensures that the system is not dependent upon the continued availability of équIT. A simple disaster recovery plan was put in place to ensure that the RAI always has the latest system code and data, and the documentation it needs, to get AIO back up-and-running within hours, should the need arise. That said, the system has now been running successfully since the start of 2015 with no problems, and new features continue to be added.

Search the AIO.

Shine With Play

Shine with Play home page

Shine is a new play therapy service set up by Maddie Powell in late 2017, aiming to help children and families work through issues at their own pace. Maddie wanted a simple, modern website with a light, spacious theme, to which she could direct potential clients, containing basic details of the service she offers along with a means of contacting her.

Shine website


Storybag home page

Storybag is a home-run storytelling service for toddlers and young children's parties. It was set up by Rachel Colles in 2006 after success telling stories at her sons' playgroup fetes and working as a clown doctor entertaining children in hospitals. The business is still a home-run, part-time endeavour and the solution is a relatively simple site to provide details of the service and a means of contact. The brief was to keep it fun, light-hearted, easy to use and simple.

Storybag Home Page

Contact us

You can use this form to contact us about almost anything. We will never provide your details to anyone else unless you specifically ask us to, and we will never contact you about anything other than what you contacted us about.