About équIT

In a nutshell

If you are a charity, NGO, sole trader or simply someone who sells products or services from home in his or her spare time, or if you need a website but don't have thousands of pounds lying around, we could be for you. We can do small, large, complex, simple, interactive or static websites for clients of any size. If you think we could help, contact us to find out what we might be able to do for you.

The detail

équIT is a software design and development company established in 2005 and based on over 10 years' experience of software development. It specialises in providing online solutions for the charity, NGO and small and home trader sectors at a price that lowers the financial barrier to entry for organisations whose budgets are better spent elsewhere.

The company advocates use of open standards and open source software. It is our belief that open standards (technologies whose formats and methodologies are well documented, peer reviewed and open to public scrutiny) provide the most robust solutions for clients, and free clients from being locked to a single provider of technology and services.

We believe IT solutions should be enabling not restrictive. We never insist on use of a specific web browser for our online solutions, or on specific email or other client software. We develop code that follows published and accepted international standards so that you are free to make your own choices about your desktop software. See the standards section for more details.

While we specialise in websites and web applications, we can provide desktop applications for Windows, Linux and MacOSX as well. The development costs tend to be higher, but if this is what you think you need, or what we think would be in your best interests, we can provide such solutions.