What do we do?


The skill set of the company revolves around use of proven and widely deployed open-source software for providing web-based applications:

équIT has the skills to analyse your requirements, design a database that meets your data capture and retrieval needs, design and implement a PHP application to provide a web-based user-interface to your data, and to administer the server on which your application is hosted. We can provide hosting on our own server for your application, or can install and remotely administer an application on your own servers (via a secure, encrypted connection).

Desktop applications

Most équIT desktop applications are based on the cross-platform Qt toolkit. The Qt toolkit provides a great set of useful blocks from which to start building your application. It has many features that us techies greatly appreciate, but the main things it means to clients are:

We are happy to write software that does not use the Qt toolkit if that's what you really need.

For those interested in such things, we are able to write applications in C, C++, Java, ObjectiveC, Python, Ruby and, at a stretch, Perl. We prefer to stick to C and C++, but if your needs dictate we can be flexible.