Who are we?

équIT is a sole traded company owned and run by Darren Edale. Darren is a freelance developer of applications and databases for the desktop and the web, who has contacts in the areas of website design and organisation or event administration who share a common outlook on the provision of IT solutions.

Despite graduating from Cardiff University with an MA in Critical Theory, Darren's borderline obsession with getting computers to do useful things led him to work as an IT analyst and programmer for IBM for several years before deciding to go freelance and specialise in the provision of web-based applications. He has a long-standing interest in and commitment to the use of open standards and open-source software as an enabler for small or financially-constrained organisations and individuals, and as an effective means of access to quality IT.

We're not all about the money. We need to get paid like everyone, but the goal of équIT is the acquisition of just enough wealth to enable our chosen lifestyles, and to do so by working in an ethical and honest fashion. This is what drives our commitment to open standards and realistic, affordable pricing. We don't upsell, we provide honest advice based on our experience of how to get the best out of IT. That doesn't mean we will never advise you to spend more money, just that we will only advise spending more money when we honestly believe it is the best way to get the IT solution most appropriate to your needs.

We are happy to discuss any project of any size.